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    If your favorite free software becomes paid will you buy it or move to an alternative software?

    Yes, I don't have any problems with paying for good software. So, I probably would if it isn't overpriced and if there weren't any other similar but free options I could use.

    Hmm okay, have you taken your shot? In our country only 45 years and above are currently being vaccinated. For other age group it is yet to start.

    No, I am not in any of the priority groups and I'm not that old. So, I'll probably be among the last that'll get it. But I'm fine with that. :)

    Simon So how this works? We need to register with them to protect our domain?

    Well, yes, kind of. They will actually buy the domain name for you and it will be their contact info on the domain name:

    "We sit in between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield. When you purchase a domain name through Njalla, we own it for you. However, the agreement between us grants you full usage rights to the domain. Whenever you want to, you can transfer the ownership to yourself or some other party."

    Does Opera has a built-in VPN? I didn't know this, let me check and see how it works.

    I've tried it and it works fine, although it's a bit slow. But if you want to use a VPN you really should consider using a paid VPN.

    In the past I started various web projects with friends. But these days I usually do it alone because I honestly don't trust others. And unless your team has a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you want do it you'll probably spend most time arguing. But that's just my experience!

    The site works fine for me. And thank you for sharing it! But I thought that IPB didn't allow users to transfer and sell their forum licenses, but this website claims that they do allow it for a $20 fee and if your IPB license is at least 6 months old. Hmmm:/

    Good job Jason! The forum looks much better now, and it feels smoother and more user-friendly. :thumbup:

    I will browse around and I'll let you know if I find any bugs or something that isn't working properly.

    Now the third wave seem to have started and vaccines are less effective i believe.

    I don't think the vaccines are less effective, it's just that it's taking forever to get vaccination programs going. But sure, the longer we wait the more likely it is we will get new variations of the virus that the vaccines are less effective against.

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    The original team didn't live up to the trust community put on them. I do not know why they should leave the project to die for almost 2 years when a lot of people were making plugins for it.

    Oh, I haven't really kept myself up to date with Flarum, but are you saying it's a dead project? That's seriously sad to hear... :(

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    I did hear something about having to pay more monthly or something but I could be wrong or they changed their policy.

    You can pay monthly for their Cloud hosting, that way you won't need to pay for a license and you will get access to all IPB apps and some certain features that are only available for their cloud customers. But personally, their hosting plans are too expensive for what they offer, and I'd rather purchase the self-hosted license instead.

    I've used both paid VPN and free browser-based VPN plugins. But I no longer do that as I don't fully trust these VPNs - no matter who is the provider and if it's free or not.

    Yes, I always design my own themes because I rarely find a pre-built theme that I like. I usually start with the default theme as a base template which I then customize to my liking.

    I'd say it all depends on what kind of website you're building. I would probably go with something like Bootstrap unless it's a very basic website.

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    How responsive theme feature is achieved?? Is it through CSS or jScript or any other method. I always wanted to know what is the backbone for everything.

    You can build a fully responsive theme using just CSS. You can accomplish so much with modern CSS - it's amazing really. :D

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    Don't worry about that. We already give up too much information when we visit a website.

    Yeah, it's pretty scary when you think about it... :(

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    I think it depends on the forum niche. For a webmaster forum like this, a blog could definitely work. It could help bring in some new users as well. Another niche that could use blogs well is a gaming based forum

    This is true, the only "downside" I think would be that you will now have two different "content channels" that you'll need to keep regularly updated. Having a blog that rarely gets any new posts could make your whole site look bad.