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    So what can we tell you about ourselves? A group of like-minded game enthusiasts, just like you. We are a modding community of the GTA and ETS2 series and also working on many other gaming to simulation styles. We promise to provide the very best resources, Information on the best forum, and provide an awesome community for any gamers to utilize.

    iKnZHgy.jpg has many great options like gallery and download apps, it's clean, well organised and can add many options into the database with the request from our members. We had many revamps with our layout for actual download pages and the ability to link mods together. We hope that the downloads section is a big improvement for everyone, to our team is most certainly is. The Gallery is the place for any member to upload their gaming images and to share the great editing work that they have created while in games they love to play. The Gallery can also help display modifications that you guys are working on, or that may have been created. We have added many sections for any random game you may play (since we are more than just focusing on GTA modifications). Categories for everyone to discuss anything that you want, even adult and VIP. And more:

    • Referrals Program!
    • Community Awards and trophies
    • Membership upgraded accounts
    • reviews and articles
    • Great customization theme
    • merchandise store
    • Giveaways and events
    • Friendly Community Forum
    • And far more that goes for unless

    We're always added more and listening to our members on what they want and we add it if we can, If you have any ideas as to which games you would like, we add it. As simple as that. So stop reading these boring bits and bangs and come and click on our link today and JOIN today. let your goodness of fun get hold of yourself and make bayside another great home.